Pick The Right Domain For Your Proxy

Picking the right domain name for your proxy website  is of the most important thing to do,if you choose the right name your proxy then you can easily boost  your earnings and also it will help you a lot in Search Engine Optimization. Follow these Effective Rules for Choosing a Domain Name For your Proxy. […]

High Paying Keywords For proxy sites

Keywords play a prominent rule in driving targeted ads and high paying ads to your proxy website below is  a list of some high paying keywords web proxy                   $1.59 proxy websites        $2.32 firewall proxy        $1.60 proxy software        $1.71 proxy website        $1.32 proxy setting                    $1.00 free web proxy        $1.13 […]

How to properly monetize Your Proxy

Proxy sites are very easy to drive traffic to so you can earn a good sum of money if you are monetizing your site properly in this article i will guide you through all methods which will Explode your Monthly earnings from your proxy site. The main source of revenue for any website online is […]

How to use a proxy server with internet browsers?

First search for proxy server. You will find many good  sites with lists of proxy servers, they will provide you the  IP address, port and usually tell countries they are in. Write down some of them. Proxy Types The four main  proxy servers: Transparent Proxy transparent proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server and […]

How to Ban Visitors from any Country to visit your proxy?

Blocking with .htaccess The .htaccess or hypertext access file is one that can be used for modifying  access permissions to any folder or subdomain on your site. If the .htaccess file is present on your hosting account by default, then all you need to do is edit it. If not then you need to create […]

How to Unblock Websites at School and office With Proxies

If you need to unblock a blocked website at school, you can use a Web proxy to do this. First, you must obtain a proxy server. You can have a free Web proxy or subscribe to a professional proxy provider. For free, you can only search for web proxies through Internet search engines. This takes […]

How to Safely Use The Web Proxy

Proxy servers are computers that offer computer network service that allows its customers to connect indirectly to other network services. Delegates are able to block offensive web content are called web proxies. Another meaning of proxies reformat web pages is for other different operating systems. Internet providers can also configure proxies to prevent the occurrence […]

Risks and security of using Anonymizer

Anonymizers are not completely safe. If a Anonymizer keeps records of incoming and outgoing connections and the Anonymizer is physically in a country where he undergoes a search warrant then there is a potential risk that government officials can reverse engineer and identify all users who use receives and how you use it. Most of […]