Complete Guide to use proxy in your T-Mobile SDA

Do you have a SDA phone, but can not afford to get the total Internet plan of $ 30? Get a T-Zones or T-MobileWeb plan instead and configure a proxy to allow Internet access to SDA.

follow these simple instructions

  • Go to SDA phone’s menu, Settings, Connection, Proxy.
  • Adding a proxy connection again if there is any previous settings, remove them.Use the following information to setup your proxy:
    Name: T-Zones
    Connects from: The Internet
    Connects to: WAP Network
    Type: HTTP

    Leave user name and password blank

    Click Ok all the way until you return to the main screen

  • Go to Settings – Connection – GPRS, then add a new connection with the following settings: Connect to: The Internet
    Access point:

    Leave username and password blank

    set Primary and Secondary DNS to:
    Leave IP Address blank

  • Launch your Pocket Internet Explorer. Go to Options – Connections, uncheck “Automatically detect settings.” and choose “WAP Network” as the network.
  • Uncheck  “Automatically detect settings”. Otherwise  SDA will try to  reset them.

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