High Paying Keywords For proxy sites

Keywords play a prominent rule in driving targeted ads and high paying ads to your proxy website below is  a list of some high paying keywords

web proxy                   $1.59
proxy websites        $2.32
firewall proxy        $1.60
proxy software        $1.71
proxy website        $1.32
proxy setting                    $1.00
free web proxy        $1.13
smtp proxy        $1.18
web proxy server    $2.02
proxy severs        $1.33
squid proxy        $1.03
linux proxy        $1.20
buy proxy        $1.18
proxy freeware        $1.10
windows proxy        $1.02
windows proxy server   $1.05
online proxy server         $1.35
proxy access                     $1.38
web proxy sites                 $1.33
proxy server lists     $1.12
fast proxy server     $1.36

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