How to properly monetize Your Proxy

Proxy sites are very easy to drive traffic to so you can earn a good sum of money if you are monetizing your site properly in this article i will guide you through all methods which will Explode your Monthly earnings from your proxy site.

The main source of revenue for any website online is from ” Google adsense ” program which is the best for content based websites but in case of proxy sites there is very less or no content at all so this is the main reason that most of the times adsense don’t pay well enough to proxy sites but if you can put some great and original but relative content on the homepage of your proxy site then it can work for you the key here is to drive good keywords that will pay you will so use search some relative keywords for your proxy and put them in your content, it is also a good idea to put new updates on your proxy site and announce new features and updates to the users of your proxy and don’t forget to drive high paying keywords to your site or at the end of the month you won’t have enough to pay for your proxy hosting bills.

Below are some  high paying keywords for proxy sites

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proxy websites $2.32

proxy software $1.71

smtp proxy $1.18

proxy severs $1.33

windows proxy server $1.05

proxy access $1.38

Use these keywords or search for some more high paying keywords using Google keyword search tool this was just to give you a idea i hope you get it .So this was for your homepage and now we will get to the proxified pages

Advertising for Proxified  pages

You can use

  • Adversal
  • Global Interactive
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adbrite
  • Adtoll

on proxfied pages but never use Google adsense on your proxified pages,pop-ups also works on proxified pages but to much of them can annoy your visitor.

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