Pick The Right Domain For Your Proxy

Picking the right domain name for your proxy website  is of the most important thing to do,if you choose the right name your proxy then you can easily boost  your earnings and also it will help you a lot in Search Engine Optimization.

Follow these Effective Rules for Choosing a Domain Name For your Proxy.

1. Make sure your keyword is in the domain name, a good idea is to search some popular keywords for term “proxy” by using adwords keyword tool.

2. Try not to use Hyphens in your proxy domain name because people easily forget about sites that have hyphens in it and such sites are hard to promote by word of mouth.

3. Your Proxy domain name should be easily understandable,When someone hears about your domain name for the first time they should be able to easily understand and memorize it.

4.  Its better to make your Domain name shorter because it is easier for your visitors to type it.

5. Choose “.com” if you want your site to perform better in SERPS , for some reasons i have noticed that my proxy sites with “.com” perform better then “.info”,but if you are planning to make lots of proxy websites and don’t have deep pockets then you can use “.info” its really cheap and if you register them through “godaddy” make sure you register 6 of them to get a discount and a free private registration.

6.Private registration is mandatory for proxy websites, you might not want to make your personal info publicly available in case if you own over 100 proxy sites.So its a good idea when you register your domain name make sure you select private registration with them again if you are registering our proxy domain names with “godaddy” make sure you register them in group of six so that you can get free private registering with your domain names.

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