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Please see below for a complete listing of the proxy related sites listed on our site,web based proxies include PHPROXY,GLYPE,CGI Myspace Proxy sites etc.

On this page proxy sites are Categorized by their types,the Web Based Proxy sites listed below are usually used to unblock myspace,facebook and youtube.

Kinds of Proxy Websites

Proxy websites can fall into certain categories depending upon the features they provide,some sophisticated proxy websites provides its user to unblock any website and enable them to login into certain websites like mysapce and facebook and even let them stream videos from video websites like youtube and metacafe but these types of sites use heavy and expensive servers on the other hand their are some proxy websites that can easily unblock any website but cannot provide the ability to its users to login to site. A web-based proxy or Proxy Website is a service that allows you to bypass your own internet provider and browse using the proxy web-based website. All that you have to do is type the website address you would like to visit in the form they provide, and start browsing. Once you keep browsing using that form, you are protected and your *real* ip address is not being logged. There are many Proxy Websites to select from. Start anonymous surfing using the featured Proxy Websites and fresh unblocked proxy sites.

Web-based Proxies

Web-based Proxies are powered by server-side Scripts such as PHProxy, CGIProxy, Glype, and custom-made proxy scripts. These proxies work totally through a Web browser cgi proxy is also used to unblock myspace and to unblock facebook. normally all that is needed to hide your IP address and surf anonymously is to visit the service's homepage in a Web browser and enter a URL (website address) in the form provided. There is no requirement to download or install software or reconfigure your computer you can use these proxy sites to unblock myspace . To work, a CGI based proxy must manipulate the document you've called for and all its linked elements and objects. This can be catchy, and not all proxies are as efficient or effective as others and provide Anonymous web surfing. Some services are slow and may produce errors while rendering the many variations of Web page code. But they are popular, numerous, and easy to use.

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