Proxville - free proxy sites Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will you list my proxy?
We lists only working web-based proxy sites. Each site must have a unique domain name and have a proxy script installed. Sites that merely redirect to or frame other proxy sites are not allowed. reserves the right to refuse a listing to any proxy, at any time, in it's sole discretion.
2. How many proxies can I submit?
You may submit as many proxies as you like.
3.How can I get a listing on
There are two ways to get a listing on

1. Free - Give a text link (pointing to "") from the homepage of your sites and then submit your proxies here.

2. Paid - You can make your proxies stand out and get much more traffic currenlty unavailable.
4. Is it legal to use proxies?
It is legal in most countries, but in some countries like China, it is prohibited. Moreover, your school might punish you for breaking the rules and viewing blocked sites. more or less, it is legal as long as your activity is legal. Please read your country's cyber laws carefully for more information and confirmation.
5. What is an IP Address? How can I find my IP?
Every computer connected to the internet is assigned a number by which it is identified. Your IP will normally look like The value of each xxx can be a maximum of 255. You can visit our home page to find your ipFind your Ip .
6. What are proxy websites?
Proxy websites or web proxies let you surf the web anonymously. Strictly speaking, there are not proxies. When you visit a site like facebook through these proxies, the data is first fetched to their server and served to you.
7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of proxy websites?
Advantages are that these are pretty easy to use and requires no configuration, but these type of proxies have their fair share of disadvantages. There are certain security risks involved, some sites don't allow scripts to run and limit the download limit and most of the webproxies can't stream videos.
8. How do I use these proxies?
As mentioned earlier, these proxies don't need any configuration. Just visit a proxy website, enter a web address in their form.
9. What should I be cautious about when using anonymous proxy?
There are certain security risks involved while using webproxies. A wicked and greedy webmaster can steal your personal data.
10. The proxy I'm using is blocked too what should i do now?
Well, there is not much you can do about it. Try to visit the side using a secure connection (with https:// at the beginning). It might work with any websites that support SSL since a secure connection cannot be blocked according to law. If it doesn't work, try another proxy from our proxy list.
11. Where can I find webproxies?
Go to our list of proxy websites.