How to Start your own Proxy Website

So you want to make your very own proxy website for fun or to make some $$$ or just to impress your friends.

Below are the 3 things that you will need To Start your own proxy website.

1. The first thing that you will need is a Domain name, you can register a domain name from Godaddy or from namecheap at a very cheap price.

2.Now that you have registered your Domain name what you need next is a Hosting account, Google for proxy hosting or search this blog and you will find plenty of good proxy hosts, once you got your hosting you are ready to go towards next step.

3.You have got a domain name and a proxy hosting account all you need now is a script which will do the rest of work you can select from one of the best proxy scripts that are available to be freely downloaded. Once you have selected the right proxy script: PHProxy, Glype or CGI proxy (check out my other articles to select right proxy script according to your needs) just upload it to your server and your proxy website is ready.

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