Risks and security of using Anonymizer

Anonymizers are not completely safe. If a Anonymizer keeps records of incoming and outgoing connections and the Anonymizer is physically in a country where he undergoes a search warrant then there is a potential risk that government officials can reverse engineer and identify all users who use receives and how you use it. Most of anonymity state that does not keep records, but currently no way to confirm that. However, if the user used another anonymizer to connect to the Anonymizer exposed, the user remains anonymous. This is sometimes called daisy-chaining.

In addition, an unreliable network based Anonymizer is capable of man in the middle attacks. The Anonymizer can read, inject, and modify the content of the message that the user is sending and receiving. The Anonymizer can intercept and record private unencrypted information such as username and password credentials, credit card numbers, e-mails, etc., which have been transported using the Anonymizer. To avoid this, the content must be encrypted and credentials should be exchanged outside of the Anonymizer.

Because even Anonymizers trust, anonymity can not filter out any malicious code that may reveal the identity of the user who wishes to remain anonymous. See malware. Care must be taken to prevent information leaks. For example, the anonymity of an HTTP connection but not a DNS lookup can reveal the location of the viewer.

Anonymizers also present a high-value target. Groups opposed to people who want to remain anonymous target public anonymizers, especially as they are often misused.

freely available Anonymizers , open and above all HTTP proxies socks, usually operated against the owner’s knowledge of the server, botnetworks and other malicious programs are known to install the services. Are used to record passwords or place ads / malware in the (http / email) traffic and high damage to the owner of the server due to the large bandwidth consumed and the violation of security. “Bad” HTTP proxies, almost always anonymous connection to conceal the true identity of the client user to be more attractive, this can be detected through a free proxy analyzer

Risks to Internet privacy

Those worried about Internet privacy often bring up a number of privacy risks events that can compromise privacy which may be encountered through Internet use. These methods of compromise can range from the gathering of statistics on users, to more malicious acts such as the spreading of spyware and various forms of bug exploitation.

Privacy measures are provided on several social networking sites to try to provide their users with protection for their personal information. On Facebook for example privacy settings are available for all registered users. The settings available on Facebook include the ability to block certain individuals from seeing your profile, the ability to choose your “friends,” and the ability to limit who has access to your pictures and videos. Privacy settings are also available on other social networking sites such as E-harmony and MySpace. It is the user’s prerogative to apply such settings when providing personal information on the internet.

How to Start your own Proxy Website

So you want to make your very own proxy website for fun or to make some $$$ or just to impress your friends.

Below are the 3 things that you will need To Start your own proxy website.

1. The first thing that you will need is a Domain name, you can register a domain name from Godaddy or from namecheap at a very cheap price.

2.Now that you have registered your Domain name what you need next is a Hosting account, Google for proxy hosting or search this blog and you will find plenty of good proxy hosts, once you got your hosting you are ready to go towards next step.

3.You have got a domain name and a proxy hosting account all you need now is a script which will do the rest of work you can select from one of the best proxy scripts that are available to be freely downloaded. Once you have selected the right proxy script: PHProxy, Glype or CGI proxy (check out my other articles to select right proxy script according to your needs) just upload it to your server and your proxy website is ready.

Youtube Fix/mod for PHPROXY

This script is A modified version of Phproxy script, which can display youtube videos.

The Script includes the necessary modificaions for displaying youtube videos, and also includes the player.

Server Requirements

Just unpack on your remote server and it’s ready to use. Requires PHP 4 and above.


The file is available to download from Google Code

Download mod for PHPROXY

PHProxy Script

At Proxville we are going to discuss in detail about PhProxy Script and its creator.

What is PhProxy Script?

PHP Http Proxy is a php script for taking web pages from one server and processes so that your main server is protected/hidden. Useful for those who have or require indirect access to the web and or their server. You can find many web based php proxy sites at Proxville.

PHProxy script

PHProxy Script is written and developed in PHP by Abdullah Arif to bypass firewalls and other proxy restrictions through a web interface very similar to the popular CGIProxy.

PHProxy Features

  • Remove client-side scripting (i.e JavaScript)
  • Allow cookies to be stored
  • Show images on browsed pages
  • Show actual referring Website
  • Use ROT13 encoding on the address
  • Use base64 encodng on the address
  • Strip meta information tags from pages
  • Strip page title
  • Store cookies for this session only

PHProxy Script Status

The latest version is 0.5 beta2 from January 20, 2007. As of September 7, 2007 the owner/developer gave up the active development. He later (December 10, 2007) posted a statement on the website that his decision was made because he feels it immoral to provide such a service since the vast majority of people use it only to surf porn.

In 2008, Phillip Sacre made a fork on Google code which he called php-web-proxy and in 2009 someone published a mod of phproxy with YouTube  support named phproxyyoutubemod

PHProxy Developer/Creator: Abdullah Arif

CGIProxy Script

What is  CGIProxy?

CGI Proxy Is a proxy script developed by James Marshall CGI script acts as an HTTP or FTP proxy. Through it, you can retrieve any resource that is accessible from the server it runs on. This is useful when your own access is limited, but you can reach a server that in turn can reach others that you can’t. In addition, the user is kept as anonymous as possible from any servers. Common uses include: anonymous proxies similar to The Anonymizer, other personal uses, VPN-like functionality, and others. It’s very simple to install, and very configurable. When an HTML resource is retrieved, it’s modified so that all links in it point back through the same proxy, including images, form submissions, and everything else. Once you’re using the proxy, you can browse normally and (almost) forget it’s the


  • Full JavaScript support!
  • Almost-full Shockwave Flash support
  • Improved top form
  • Many other small fixes and workarounds

Project Status:

December 25, 2008– Released version 2.1beta19, which includes improvements in cookie support (including logins), works better with Safari, and fixes a few small bugs.

Glype proxy script

Glype Proxy Script?

Glype proxy script is a free-to-use, web-based proxy script written in PHP. Similar to a typical proxy server, a web-proxy script downloads requested web pages and files and forwards them back to the user. The service is provided by a web page itself, which allows instant access to the proxy without editing your browser connection settings.

Glype Features

  • plug and play – no installation needed; simply upload and go!
  • admin control panel for easy management and configuration
  • server-side caching to improve speed for the end user, reduce load on your server and lighten the bandwidth bills
  • javascript support allows more sites to be browsed without loss of functionality
  • simple theme system to quickly customize your sitecontrol access with the use of a whitelist or blacklist of permitted/banned sitesblock users by IP with individual addresses or across over an IP range; protect your site from malicious or abusive users
  • unique URLs provide greater privacy – once your session expires, any URLs stored in your history are invalidatedplugins allow you to quickly integrate site-specific code; useful for sites unsupported by the base proxy scriptvirtual browser lets you choose your own user-agent and referrer, and even tunnel the connection through another proxy server

And much, much more! Take a look at the admin tool for a better view of the features on offer or download the script and see for yourself.

Glype Proxy Script System Requirements

The script requires PHP5 (or greater) with cURL enabled.

Project Status according to Glype.com

  • Current version: 1.1
  • Released: 30th January 2009

Download ZELUNE PROXY SCRIPT for free


Zelune is another proxy script written in PHP.Its history is quite long; but it has not widely used, partly due to its unclear license terms. It is free, but the license terms was never clearly stated in the download page or with in the script.

Also, there are two confusing variations: zelune.com and zelune.net. Now a new member, Phphantom scripts (which was released under GPL), was added to this family in 2008. The website claims that Phphantom scripts will merge with Zelune script; but it seems it is not available at this time yet.

Zelune  proxy script  uses Curl instead of the usual PHP or CGI. It is the latest to come out and appears to be pretty quick!

Download Zelune

Download CGI PROXY SCRIPT for free


CGIProxy is a free (for non-commercial use only) proxy script written in Perl. The copyright of the script is apparently owned by James Marshall The script was initially (1.0) release on August 3, 1998 and is considered one of the oldest proxy script.

It has the ability to allow logging into sites like myspace,bebo etc.. andIt uses less bandwidth than PHProxy, but use  much more RAM !!

Download CGI Proxy

Download GLYPE PROXY SCRIPT for free


Glype proxy script is written in PHP and is a free-to-use, web-based proxy script. It is open source, but it is not released as GPL or a like license. Its license requires that either you keep the back link or get a (paid) license.

Glype script has become very popular after PHProxy project stopped. Glype is similar to PHProxy, but there is one fundamental difference: Glype uses curl to retrieve web pages.Glype proxy has been coded with a rigid emphasis on speed, performance and serviceability.

Download Glype Proxy